Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix




Tube of Choice - I'm using one by Suzanne Woolcott

aka Gorjuss, and her work is only available for use with PSP


Brush - Winter Background

Place both the Brush Tip and the main brush in your Brushes folder.

Wintery Scraps of Choice - I used a tag made by Melissa

from Scrappy Expressions when she was Heartfelt Scraps :)

HS_ScrapKit 022 - Thank you hun xx

Brushes - SnowFlakes by Suzanne Woolcott

Download from her site HERE

Snowfall GIF - I have no idea who

made this, it's fantastic!

If it's you, please let me know so I may

credit or remove the item, thank you x




Open New Image 600 x 600 White Background

We'll crop later

Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer

Go to your Preset Shapes - Rectangle

Line Width 10.00

Draw out a rectangle - see my tag for ref

and then when happy with size

Convert to Raster

(If - like me, you're using a flat sided tube, make

sure that the rectangle covers the cropped edge of the tube)


Take your Magic wand tool, click inside

the rectangle

Selections, Modify, Expand by 3

New Layer above the White background

Take the Brush I supplied

Choose a colour to suit the tube for

the Foreground colour box

and stamp out to fill the selection


Keep Selected


Add New Layer BELOW the brush layer

and flood fill white

Selections None


Duplicate the rectangle layer

and move below the tube layer

On the top rectangle layer, take your eraser

and rub out the rectangle that

overlaps the tube

(For instance, with the tube I used

I erased the rectangle that went over

the hat of the tube)


On the Brush Layer, add a texture of choice if liked.


Now add a dropshadow to the tube

and the BOTTOM rectangle layer

Don't dropshadow the top one as it's

got bits missing :)


New layer above the white background

and find the Gorjuss Snowflakes 7 brush

Choose a colour or gradient for the Foreground colour box

and stamp out the brush

on the bottom left and top right corners

of the canvas

(see my tag for reference)


Take a tag from the Heartfelt Scraps_022 kit

Cut or Copy it and

Paste as New layer

Image, Free Rotate 10 degrees to the left

Colourise to suit your tag if prefered


Take your font of choice

and add your name

and then add the copyright info etc

Now crop the canvas

I managed to get mine down to 597 x 525


Ready to Animate?

In PSP, hide all the layers except

White Background

Brush Layer - Flakes

Brush Layer - Winter

Bottom Rectangle

Edit, Copy Merged

Over to Animation Shop

Edit, Paste as New Animation

On this new animation

Hit Ctrl and L

keep clicking L to total 20 frames

Big thanks to Blackbird for this tip xx

Also keep an eye on the bottom right corner of Ani Shop

which tells you how many frames you've created


Edit, Select All

Animation Properties, Opaque, right click the colour box

and change to White


Now open the SNOW_fall.gif

and you'll see this also has 20 frames

Click on the first frame of this and then

Edit, Select All

Basically, we want both 20 frames of the tag and

the animation selected

(it'll be blue around the frames if it is)


Now, click Propagate Paste

(That's the icon at the top of Ani Shop next to Delete)

And drag the first frame of animation

over to the first frame of tag

Place at the top left of the tag

When happy with the line up and positioning

Let Go!


Back to the Snowfall animation

and you'll see it's empty so

look along the top and hit Undo Drag

(the arrow)

The frames will fill up again

so you can repeat the drag over to tag

Do this two or three times

I dragged it over to the top left

bottom left

and top right

(didn't bother with bottom right as the tube will

be there)


Close the SNOW_fall.gif as we're finished with it


Make sure that Frame 1 of your tag is highlighted

and that all the frames are still selected

as we've not finished PPing yet

Back to PSP - hide the layers we've just used

and UN-hide the tube, top rectangle layer,

tag layer, name layer, copyright layer

and Edit, Copy Merged

and over in Animation Shop

Paste as NEW animation

Make sure Propagate Paste is still clicked on

as it may not be.

Drag what you just pasted in Ani Shop

over to the first frame of your tag

LINE up carefully

once happy with placement, let go


View, Animation

Save as .GIF


NB. The file size on this is big - mine was

about 489kb.

So, if this is too big for your forums/groups - you may

like to cull the animation, say, every other frame.

But, I think a large file size looks better!!

So, don't stint on your hard work for the sake of

a few bytes :) The animation is fab so keep it lookin' nice!

Make sure you're happy with your tag

And I hope you enjoyed this tut


This tutorial was written on 30th October 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

The supplies I share are shared in good faith.

If you see anything used within my tutorials that

you personally know for certain wasn't intended for such usage,

please contact me directly via email to

let me know for either removal from the supplies or proper credit.

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