Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix



for my friend Dawn who's not been tagging long, but produces

gorgeous looking tags 

and with thanks to my other half for the tut name lol!


Tube of Choice - I'm using the stunning artwork of Jennifer Janesko!!

Kudos CILM lol!  If you would like to use the same image

you must purchase a licence from CILM -

PSP Preset Shape - I'm using one from a Preset Shape set called Objects.PSPShape

Mura Meister Cloud plug in filter - available HERE

Brushes - A phrase or Word Art of your choice.

Accents or Embellishments - I'm using some made by Melissa at Scrappy Expressions HERE


OK - ready to go....

New Image 550 x 550 White Background

Using your Dropper tool, select a colour from your tube.

Set as Foreground.

Now, Preset Shape - Cross 1

Line Width 3

Draw out your shape and size to your liking.

Objects, Align, Center

Convert to Raster.

OK, Now Copy and Paste your Tube as new layer

Position where liked and add a dropshadow of choice.

Now, with your Magic Wand 0 Tolerance, click inside the cross

and Expand by 4

Now, go to Mura Meister Cloud, drop down the Preset Menu and look

for Fire 1


Now Keep Selected and add a New Raster.

Repeat as above, but in Clouds, change the Amount from 100 to 102

Add new Raster Layer

Repeat Again, but change amount from 102 to 104


You should now have

White background

Clouds 1

Clouds 2

Clouds 3


Like this...

Right - time to add embellishments...

I used HS_Element_Charms_05 and colourized the heart

to more of a shade like my tag

Then I resized, copy and pasted on the top of my cross

Then Duplicate and Image Rotate 90 - Place on

the right side

Repeat and place on the bottom and once more and place

on the left.

Now - on the cross layer.  Click outside of the cross

and Selections, Modify, EXPAND by 3 or 4

Take your Eraser and rub out the excess chain on each layer

(or you may choose to Merge the Chain layers - your choice lol!)

OK, now New Layer

just above the white background

take your Brushes in a complimentary colour

and place your brush on the Top Left and Bottom Right of your tag




You'll now have brush work on all four corners...

Nearly finished LOL!

Ok, add your copyright info, licence etc

and now for some text

I used Bank Gothic, Stroke Width 2, Fore and Background both on Black

Type the name fairly small and place on the top of the tag.

Repeat the process you used for the chains so the name is on

each of the 4 cross parts.

Ready to Animate?

Guess how?

Yep, you've got it.

It's my usual - 3 layers of animation way lol!

Hide 2 of your Cloud layers.

Edit Copy Merged

In A/S, Paste as New Animation

Back in PSP, change the Cloud layer - hide the other 2 and repeat

as above but Paste After Current Frame

Do the same with the 3rd layer of Cloud.

OK, in A/S Edit Select All

Animation - Animation Properties, Opaque White

Animation - Frame Properties - 40

Happy with the speed?  Good - then save as .GIF

You're finished!

Thank you for trying my tutorial - here's one I did with no

Stroke Width on the name too..

This tutorial was written on 18th February 2007 by Vix (blendyvix in MSN)

It is to the best of my knowledge an original conception of my own and

any similarity to another PSP tag tutorial is coincidental and wholly unintentional.



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