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Welcome to the Archive of Tyleress Tutorials 


I am completely delighted to be able to host the superbly stylish tutorials of Tyleress 

Simply one of the best.

These tutorials show that the artwork image is the key to a rockin' good tag - plus technique, working with layers, dropshadows

and selections. And of course, filters, cool fonts and much more.

So what are you waiting for?  Try them all and have a ball!

When I started tagging, Tyleress was my tagging heroine and she remains so to this day xx

And, although Andrea has now retired from the PSP community 

these tutorials of hers are just far too fantastic to just be allowed to disappear into the Internet ether!

So from my heart,  thank you so much for allowing me to continue to share these legacy tutorials, Andrea hunny xx

The PSP world needs them as much now and as it did then!

(And you rock too!) 


Added in 2016 from the Tyleress Tutorial Collection - 

Sunset on Hollywood


The Essence of Cool

Thread my Heart

Tyleress - Most Recently Written Tutorials

Rock Out - added 6th June 2011

Princess It Up - added 27th May 2011


also added in 2011

Scorned, Fairground Attraction, Entrapped and No Way Out



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For filters/plug ins/fonts - use your initiative and search engines to find them on the Net.

For images/artwork/tubes etc - either use a different tube/image if not supplied

 or source them from either your usual places, ie. Groups (if permitted for FTU) or from tube shops (if PTU)

Note:  Since many of these tutorials were added to my site in 2011,  

some linked sites and links themselves may now be out of date or no longer active.  

Simply improvise, thank you :)


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Right then...onto the fun stuff!!!! Click on the buttons below to go to the pages




Have fun creating superb tags and if you need to contact Tyleress please email HERE although please

bear in mind once more that Andrea has retired from the PSP tagging community so she may not be able to answer your enquiry.

For artwork/errors/site issues etc - contact me.  My contact is on the Home page of this site.  Ta much xx

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