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This is a very simple-ish tutorial, which depending what colours and tube

you use, can be quite a pleasing result :)  Sorry, I'm rubbish at bigging up my own work lol!

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't bring myself to make Christmas tags

until at least December 1st (!) but I do like winter tags too, so this tut is - as

the name suggests - just a taste of the season to come hehe!



Tube of your Choice - for my main example I'm using

Artwork © Rion Vernon aka Pin Up Toons

In order to use the image in this tutorial you MUST purchase it from


If you don't wish to purchase it, please feel free to use a different tube/image.


Template and Wordart - made by me, download HERE and HERE

Please don't use these for any other tag tutorials - thank you x


Mask - by me HERE


Scrapkit of Choice - optional and only if you want to decorate your tag


Open the Template I've provided

As you can see, I've even selected it and expanded all ready for you

Saves me typing that bit out lol!!


Right ok, so choose either a colour from the tube

or a gradient made from two of the tube's shades

or perhaps a scrapkit paper

If using a paper - copy and paste, place under the Shape layer

and then hit Selections, Invert and then Delete on the Paper layer


If using a colour or gradient

Simply floodfill on the layer indicated on the Template


KEEP Selected


Choose the tube you wish to use - full size, don't resize

Copy and Paste as New Layer

under the shape but above the filled layer

Place where looks best so that the face of the tube shows

I went for the left side of the shape

Once placed, hit Selections, Invert and then Delete

on the tube layer

Selections None

Add a new Raster Layer at the bottom and floodfill White so you

don't get checkered vision.


On the tube layer, add a subtle dropshadow - you can add a larger

one if prefered, but if the shadow pokes out from below the shape

layer then use your Magic Wand to select the shape inner, and then

do a SID (Selection, Invert, Delete) on the tube layer once more


Now change the blend mode to either Soft Light, Burn, Multiply or Luminance Legacy - whichever you prefer.

If you're using a very pale paper, leave as it is.


Copy and paste the tube once more, but this time

resize about 80% or so

Place to the right (or vice versa depending on your original tube placement)

and add a deeper dropshadow

(I'm not quoting drop shadow numbers this time, so if you check back on a few of my tuts you'll

find some good ones, a deep one and a subtle one, which you can save to your Drop Shadow presets and use

in the future xx)


Now add a new Layer at the bottom of the Layer Palette

Floodfill with the colour or gradient again - or use a 2nd paper

and then

apply my mask - Vix_Mask296

Layers, Merge Group

and then move the mask around to where looks good

I moved mine, slightly up and to the right


Now on the Shape layer

apply the same dropshadow as the main tube


Copy and Paste my wordart as a new Layer

Place as prefered and add a subtle dropshadow


Add your name now in a style, colour and font of your choice

Subtle shadow as before


You can now add any elements/embellishments if liked

(particularly if you used scrapkit papers as your mask layer and fill layer)


Add your Copyright/Artist info now


Crop the Canvas down to a more taggy size


Delete the White Background layer - Don't do this if you're animating your tag though or if your browser

doesn't show transparent PNG's properly - mine never did 'til I upgraded to IE7 -

and save as a transparent PNG file.

That's it - all done.

You might like to do an animated version of this tut, perhaps add

some noise to the shape layer for a glittery effect...


or even

some snow on the inner part of the shape

using the standard 3 layer animation method for tags that - again - I've

done lots of times in my other tuts...

Anyhooooo - thanks for looking and if you try the tut, enjoy xx


This tutorial was written on 27th November 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

Any items created by me for the purposes of this tutorial MAY NOT be used in

any other tag tutorials. (This doesn't include my masks - which may be used in other tuts)

Links to tube/scrap supply sites are added either through necessity or courtesy

and it is entirely up to the individual if they choose to visit these sites.

Scraps used in my tutorials that I've obtained from PTU scrap sites are NOT supplied

in my tutorials

This website is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only

NO linking to my tut examples, screen shots, files or graphics permitted

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