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The final installment in the trilogy

Supplies Needed

Tube of Choice - I'm using one by the fabulous Popeye Wong

I can't active link his site as it's adult..but you know how to find him :)

Hallowe'eny supplies

I used a pestle and mortar, candlestick and book

which was shared with me by Teresa aka Sweet Surrender - thank you hun x

I am sure you've probably got some lovely supplies yourselves so

use whatever you fancy or have available to you


Bats, Pumpkin and Cat - made by Corel and available as part of

their Hallowe'en download HERE

(You place them in your PSP Tube folder and you'll

find them in your Picture Tube tool)

Paper - well, technically made by me!

I used some tarot cards

that I got from gawd knows where, cut them out, filtered them and made a paper out of them.

If they're yours, please let me know via email if you'd like credit for the original cards, or

the removal of this paper from this tutorial.

Please don't go off all guns blazing - a simple email will suffice

Brush - made by me - HERE

Export this to your PSP Brush file to use it

All other supplies can be downloaded below


The size is big due to the size of the tubes

Filters Needed for this tut -

Video Rave (Harry's Filters) - Wonderland filter - freeware

Xero Graphics - Porcelain - freeware

Flaming Pear - Transline - optional

Google if you don't have these filters.

This tutorial is intended for taggers with a good knowledge

of working with layers and Animation Shop.


Note - There are many fabulous Hallowe'en inspired kits about, with

elements very similar to the ones used here

In fact, I used a paid kit in the original tag made of this tutorial.

If you have that one - use it instead but I supplied other elements

to let those who don't have it, still be able to do this tut.




Open a New Image White Background 600 x 600

Using your Preset Shape - Circle (Ellipse)

Line Width 21.00 and a dark colour of your choice

Draw out a circle as large as prefered

Objects, Align, Centre in Canvas

Convert to Raster

Open the Paper I supplied, or a paper of your choice

Paste as New Layer under the Circle

Using Magic Wand, click inside the circle

and Selections, Modify, Expand by 3

Selections Invert

and on the paper layer


Selections None

Apply the Xero Graphic Porcelain on the default settings EXCEPT

change the Blue Slider to 0 so all three of the bottom sliders

are on 0

Adjust, Brightness and Contrast and

move the sliders so the paper is slightly or more darker

Duplicate the paper layer 3 times to total 4 and leave for now.

Open the tubes and elements you are going to use

Now, go nuts LOL!

Place them and size them as prefered

Add dropshadows

For the book tube

Resize 60% twice

Place in the middle bottom

Move the top layer down a bit

Merge the two book layers together

and dropshadow

Candlestick - resize 60% twice

and then a bit more if needed


Pestle and Mortar - if you use

the resized and smoke one that

I provided

then just place as it is

and shadow

(if you've got the kit that supplies curtains,

add them below the circle layer


move the duplicate above the circle layer

and then erase the top copy bits

that you need to

See my 2nd example at the bottom of this tut

for reference)

Duplicate the circle layer

Move this to just above the white background

and Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 7.00

Flaming Pear, Transline, apply.

(If you don't have this filter, try VM Extravaganza, Transmission

or even PSP Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds)

On the top circle layer

apply a good shadow to that

Try 1, 1, 55, 10

Find my Brush that I supplied

choose a much lighter colour from the tag

as it's colour ( I actually used light and then adjusted Brightness)

and below the book layer

stamp it out in the middle of the tag

Now, change the colour to black

and resize the brush to about Size 152

and now on a new layer

above the book layer

Stamp it out on the page

Duplicate and move over the right page

Add your name in a scripty/spooky font of choice

Add the copyright that's required

Now to prepare the tag for animation

On the first paper layer - apply the Video Rave, Wonderland filter

apply the following settings

On the 2nd paper layer - adjust either of the top two sliders

to change the settings - apply

Same for the 3rd

And on the 4th - leave as it is.


Ready To Animate?

Animate my usual way (see my how to page for reference)

but obviously this time it's a 4 layered animation

not 3.

Edit, Select All in Animation Shop

Animation Properties, click Opaque and change to White

Frames 1 - 3 (the video rave layers)

change the Frame Properties to 30

Frame 4 - the non video rave layer

change the Frame Properties to 150

View, Animation

Save as .GIF

On the original version of this tutorial tag, I used subtler settings

for the Video Rave filter (I can't remember what the settings were!)

This tutorial was written on 9th October 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

The supplies I share are shared in good faith.

If you see anything used within my tutorials that

you personally know for certain wasn't intended for such usage,

please contact me directly via email to

let me know.

This website is intended for educational/entertainment purposes

NOTHING (unless tutorial supplies

or a tag made personally for you) is to be removed from it.

All of my tutorials are registered with TWI.

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