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This is quite a simple tut but can look rather groovy lol!

Supplies Needed

Tube of Choice - I'm using the new choobs by Keith Garvey

If you'd like to use the same, you must purchase them for usage

You can obtain them HERE

Templates made by me

Outline Template

Brush Template

Flaming Pear Transline

(optional, if you haven't got it - use PSP built in effectmTexture, Blinds instead)

Xero Graphics Fritillary filter - freeware from Xero Graphics


Open the shape template

Duplicate layer

on the Original layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur 5.00

Apply Flaming Pear Transline - default settings

On the copy layer

click inside the hexagons with your magic wand

Selections, Modify, Expand by 2

Add New Layer below this layer

but above the Translined layer

Materials Palette - Foreground on Black

Background on #feb251

Find your Foreground/Background gradient

by clicking on the colour, Other, and Gradient

and put it on Angle 45 and Repeats 2

Floodfill the new layer selected with this gradient

Keep selected

Duplicate the gradient floodfill twice

to total three layers

and apply the Xero Graphics fritillary on the following settings


On the 2nd gradient layer - change the Variation slider to 29

on the 3rd gradient layer - change to 31


Keep Selected if adding a larger image inside the hexagons

Selections, None if you're not lol!


All of these layers should be below the main template layer

and above the transline layer

If you're adding a larger tube/image inside the selections

then Paste as New Layer (below the main template and

above the fritillary layers)

Line up as liked

Selections, Invert, Delete

Selections None

now dropshadow subtlely and change the Blend Mode

on this layer as prefered

(I used Multiply)


Paste your Tube of Choice

Position as mine or similar

Dropshadow and Resize as prefered

Your layers should be arranged like this...

Open the Brush layer I've supplied

Copy, Paste as a New Layer

just above the White Background layer

and Line up as mine


on the Original Layer

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian 5.00

and apply the Transline again

(if you don't have this, play with your Effects,

Texture Effects, Blinds and get a similar result)

Add your Name as prefered

I used Black 2.00 Stroke, and #feb251 Fill

and Strangeworld font

Rotate the name, dropshadow as liked

Add copyright info etc

Crop the canvas now

Ready to Animate?

Animate my usual - follow all the steps including

White, Opaque for the Animation Properties

Set the Frame Properties to 25 or slower

Save as .GIF

That's it - simple tut, which I hope you enjoy

Hugs xx

This tutorial was written on 3rd October 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

The supplies I share are shared in good faith.

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you personally know for certain wasn't intended for such usage,

please contact me directly via email to

let me know.

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