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Supplies Needed

Tube of Choice - there are lots of fantastic Hallowe'en tubes

available and I'm using this delicious one by the fabulous Popeye Wong

Masks - two are being used in this tutorial

The first is by Sugar from ThruSugar'sEyes - she's no longer online *sob* 

Come back soon hun! 

and the 2nd is by Vaybs from HERE (thank you too hun xx)

Thank you both xx

(Both are included in the zip supply file below)


Objects - Grass, Tombstone and Cauldron by Billy from PSPTubeDepot HERE

Lawn - came supplied with PSP.

and add it to your My PSP Files - Picture Tube folder so you

can dab it about the canvas rather

than place it as we normally would


Filters Needed

Eye Candy 4000 Smoke

Filters Unlimted 2 - photo aging kit (or any sepia toning filter if you haven't got it)


Open the elements you are going to use

Open Canvas size 600 x 600 White Background

Copy the Cauldron and paste

as a New Layer

Resize 60% Smartsize

then Adjust and Brightness and Contrast settings...

Brightness (-31) and Contrast (11)


Open the tombstone

Resize 60% Smartsize and place on the other side of the tag

to the cauldron


Open your Tube

Place in the middle of the tag


Go to your Toolbar, look for the Picture Tube tool

and find Lawn

Add New Layer and

Dab the tube around until

you get a cluster of lawn that

you like

(if you get ones you don't like - just hit the Undo arrow

and then dab again until you get what you prefer)


It's very green at the mo, but we're going to change

that in a min hehe.


Open the Hallows Grass 8

Resize 60% Smartsize and place to the left of the tombstone

Open the Hallows Grass 6

Resize 60% Smartsize and place in front of the tombstone

Duplicate and move the grass over

Now, we're going to recolour the lawn to

compliment this shade of grass

So, FU2, Photo Aging Kit, Old Colour, default settings

(if you haven't got FU2, use a different sepia toning filter

or even just Adjust, Hue and Saturation)


Hopefully, your tag is taking shape and looking a bit like mine :)


Now New layer above the white background

FloodFill with Black

Look for Sugar's mask lunamask3_sugar

and invert transparency ticked

Apply and Merge Group

On this same layer look for

vaybsmaskhw03 - invert transparency ticked

and Apply

Merge Group

On this layer, gently erase the mask that is sticking out under

the lawn


Now time to prepare our tag for animation

Your layers should be from the bottom up

White Background

Black Mask Layer



Large Grass

smaller grass 1

smaller grass 2

Main Tube


Go to the Cauldron layer and dropshadow it

Duplicate it twice to total 3 layers

Take your Selection Tool - Lasso

Set to Point to Point - Feather 2

and use your zoom tool to zoom in

close to the cauldron

and on the 1st layer

take your Lasso and select around the top of

the cauldron (we want the inner bit selected)

so you'll end up with a squashy horizontal oval selection


Now apply the Eye Candy 4000 Smoke

look for the Preset - Green Fumes

and apply the following settings exactly as mine are -


OK, now you should have lovely green wispy smoke

at just the top of the cauldron?

Apply to the 2nd and 3rd cauldron layers

and hit the Random Seed button as liked

(check how the smoke is moving and apply

when the shape is how you like)


Now for finishing touches

Add any further Hallowe'eny scraps/elements you

wish to add (I added some bats)

Add dropshadows to main tube, tombstone

and any other bits you'd like to shadow.


Add your name in a spooky font of choice

Add copyright info etc


Now crop the canvas if needed

Ready to Animate?

Animate my usual way

but  - important! - make sure you have the Animation Properties

on Opaque, White so you don't get a faint coloured box around your tag

and the Frame Properties on 35

Save in A/S as GIF

Save in PSP as PSPImage so you can animate again

with a different tube next time :D

Hope you enjoy this tut xx

This tutorial was written on 23rd September 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and any potential

similarity to other tutorials that may be available is wholly unintentional

and completely coincidental

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