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My Terms of Use

If you use these masks in a tag tutorial, please credit and link to my site.

If you use them in a tutorial, you are welcome to add the specific mask/s to your supplies.

You are also welcome to use them in Group challenges etc...just please don't change file names AND

please do not add these masks in bulk to file sharing sites and share them in groups/forums/blogs etc.

In other words, the place to download my masks in bulk, is here!

Please do not use my masks to create your own masks/or as the basis of your own masks for re-distribution to others.

Thank you xx

Please note that my masks...







are no longer available in the downloads.

I've kept the same previews though, so don't be surprised that some are missing when you download.

And if you see these 6 masks in use in tag tutorials or Group challenges etc, please don't use them.



31st March 2010

My latest set - Masks 441 - 455 plus 2 Easter Masks

These were my Valentine's masks for this year (from my blogsite) plus

a few more I've done. Most have been

previously available for download

via my blogsite.  If you'd like them, please download HERE

Terms of Use and Credits/Thanks included in zip file.

22nd December 2009

My latest set - Masks 427 - 440

includes the Christmas Masks 2009

(Please note: These were on my blog so you may already have them

if you right clicked and saved from there)

Download from HERE


27th October 2009

Masks 416 - 426 plus the Hallowe'en 2009 masks

Download from HERE


18th September 2009

Masks 393 - 415

Download this set of masks HERE

13th July 2009

Masks 366 - 392

Download this set HERE


15th May 2009

Masks 346 - 365

Download this set from my HERE

Vix_Mask353, Vix_Mask354 and Vix_Mask358 no longer included in the zip


2nd March 2009

Masks 326 - 345

A little assortment - some hearts, a few florals (thanks

for the brushes Sandie) and lots of my

favourite things to make masks with - stars.  These star ones

are like some of my earlier masks re-visited hehe!

Click to download HERE

Vix_Mask328 no longer in the zip


22nd January 2009

Masks 291 - 325 (not including Masks 297-306 which were the Christmas Masks)

An assorted bunch, 16 of which have a love theme so are good for Valentine's themed tags.

Download from my 4shared HERE


13th December 2008


This years Christmas masks from me - 10 in total

Download them from HERE


29th October 2008

Masks 261 - 290

Download the Masks from my HERE

Vix_Mask 283 and Vix_Mask284 are no longer in the zip


3rd September 2008

Masks 246 - 260

You can download this set HERE


25th July 2008

Masks 231 - 245

Made from various brushes, shapes, fonts etc

Download HERE

(Hosted on my own website - not via 4shared)


12th June 2008

2 new sets


Two new sets for you to play with -

The first set is

a mixture of this n that.

The 2nd set is good for using as some background interest

in scrap tags.

Anyway, have fun

Click on the image of the sets above to download


10th May 2008

Vix_Masks 141-180

Made from various shapes, dings and brushes

Download HERE

19th April 2008

Vix_Masks 121 - 140

Download HERE


1st March 2008

Vix_Masks 101-120

Download HERE


28th February 2008

Set of Image Masks - rounded edges, good for circular tags

Abstracts, Views and Flowers

Images courtesy of Stock Xchng

Download HERE


25th February 2008

Download HERE


6th February 2008

Download these Masks from my 4shared HERE


26th January 2008

Love/Valentine - 11 masks

Please note: Vix_Mask_Valentine1 (the first mask lol!)

I didn't erase the edges of the canvas enough after

I inverted - so if

you apply the mask to a canvas, please go around the edges with your Eraser tool

to get rid of the excess mask that shouldn't be there xx

Sorry 'bout that, I didn't check it before I finished it

Anyway - have fun hehe xx

Download this set HERE

Link Updated 22nd April 2009 as old link expired

Thanks for letting me know Debbers


12th December 2007

Masks for Christmas - 9 masks

Download this Christmas Set HERE



Download this set HERE


Download this set HERE



I try to be as original as I can with my masks, and have

used shapes, dings, PSP filter effects and some brushes to create them.

IF I have used something of yours that wasn't intended

for use in the creation of Masks, please contact me via my

website and I will happily remove the mask

from the collections with my apologies.


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