Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix



Tube of Choice - I'm using a gorgeous one by Rion Vernon

Artwork © Pin Up Toons

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have


Lots of filters...


Eye Candy 4000 Marble


Toadies What Are You?


Filters Unlimited 2 - Special Effects 1 - Halftone


Xenofex 2 Constellation


Mura Meister Clouds and Copies


Xero Graphics Greytinter



Open a New Image in PSP - 650 pixels wide by 600 high

Add New Layer

Floodfill White

This is our tag canvas

Leave for the moment


Open a New Image

475 wide by 200 high

Floodfill Black

Selections All

Selections Modify, Contract by 10

Hit Delete

Selections None


Eye Candy 4000 Marble

Look for the setting called Thin Veins


Change the Bedrock colour to Black


the Vein Colour to one that suits the tube you've chosen to use

Click OK to apply

Now Copy

and Paste as a New layer on the main tag canvas

Close the image you've just created - you don't need it anymore



Duplicate it

Image, Free Rotate, Left, 90 degrees



Open a New Image - this time

Width 100 by Height 400

Contract and Delete as before

and apply the Marble effect as before too

Hit Random Seed a couple of times before applying


Copy and Paste onto the main tag canvas

Move over to the left side - see my tag for placement





Your tag should now be taking shape :D


Now to prepare the frames for filling

Firstly, click inside the two smaller outside rectangle frames

with Magic Wand

Selections, Modify, Expand by 4


On the bottom horizontal rectangle

Hit Delete

Now, on the middle Vertical rectangle

Select as above


again, on the bottom horizontal rectangle

Hit Delete


Now hide the White Background Layer


Merge Visible the frames to one frame layer

Unhide the White Back


Duplicate the frame layer


Change both the Material Palette colour boxes to White


on the Bottom frame layer

Toadies - What Are You? on the default settings (20 and 20)


Click inside the three main rectangles on the top frame

Expand and Delete the Toadies on the inside of these frames by Hitting Delete

on the Toadies layer

Selections None


Click inside each of the main rectangles using Magic Wand

and Expand as before - keep selected

Add a New Layer between the Toadies and Frame layer

Change the top colour box to Black


on the new Layer - Mura Meister Clouds

And apply the default setting

Keep Selected

Duplicate the Clouds layer

and on the top one

Filters Unlimited 2 - Special Effects 1 - Halftone


and change the Blend Mode to Soft Light

then (keeping selected)

Open the tube you've chosen

(we're going to use the two small outer rectangles)

Paste your tube as a new layer

Move to the left and place within the left frame

Paste again

Move over to the right

using a different section of the tube or a different tube

Selections None :)

If you've got some overlap into the central rectangle

use Magic Wand to select the large rectangle

then Expand and delete the overlapped tube/s



On the two outside tube sections

Xero Graphics Greytinter


change the Red Boost Cut slider to 40 (or 80)



Change the Blend Mode to Overlay

and apply a dropshadow to each (not if you're using close ups that fill the frame)

I used 0, 0, 40, 10.26 Black

tube section


Paste the tube again

and place centrally

Apply the same shadow as before

and hide it for now


In the Materials Palette, change the top box to Null

and the bottom box to White

Type out your chosen word - I've used Gorgeous

on Size 26


Mura Meister Copies - Tiling

on the default settings except change the Tile Gap to 2

then apply the same dropshadow and

Click inside the main rectangle with Magic Wand

and use the same Expand and Delete on the word layer

Change the Blend Mode to suit - I changed to Soft Light

Unhide the tube now

Apply the same shadow to the frame layer now


Now, to prepare the animation

Duplicate the Toadies layer twice to total 3 layers

and then

hide the top two

and on the bottom one

Apply Xenofex 2 Constellation

on these settings of mine...



unhide the Middle one

apply again but hit Random Seed a couple of times first


unhide the top one, and apply again hitting Random Seed before applying


Now finally

Apply the same word again - I used a black stroke of 2 and

a glitter fill for my 1st example and just a colour from the tube for the 2nd one

Apply same shadow and place as mine


Add your name and place as mine


Add your copyright info

Crop the excess canvas

and then

Animate the usual way for a three layered animated tag

Change the Animation Properties to Opaque, White


the Frame Properties to 15

Save as GIF

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and have fun playing with the

techniques and creating different styles of tag - multiple tubes for instance

or a few accents of choice

For my 2nd example I

used a couple of close ups in the outer rectangles instead and had the tube

coming out of the frame (this method is used in lots of my tuts so check them out if unsure how to do this)

Thanks for looking and enjoy your results xx

This tutorial was written on 13th January 2010 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design created

this morning and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

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