Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix

Whilst doing my tut pages and typing out all the text, I realised I repeat

myself a lot lol!

So, I've add this page and the animation method on here applies

to the majority of my tutorials written to date.

So, from this date onwards, if you see the phrase

"Animate the usual way" on my tuts - this is the page to come to, to remind

you how to do it.

Once learnt, it's rarely forgotten

It's the way I've seen many other tuts do it.

And it's how I prefer to animate a tag that

has seperate layers

of Random Seeded animation.

(usually 3 layers, sometimes more...)

If you have your own way of doing it - then lovely lol!

The shortcut (Ctrl) keys are useful too, but I'm showing this

as if using the drop menus - okey dokes?

Here we go then....

How to Animate

So, we're assuming you have a tag all ready in PSP ready for animation.

You've closed off (hidden) two of the three layers of animation in PSP.

(whether it's Constellation layers, sparkle layers, noise layers etc.)

Edit - Copy Merged (Ctrl + Shift + C)

Over to Ani Shop

Edit, Paste as New Animation (or Ctrl + V)


Now, back to PSP, hide the layer of animation you just copied etc.

Unhide 2nd layer of animation and Edit - Copy Merged again.

Back to A/S

But this time - Edit, Paste After Current Frame (Shift+Ctrl+L)

OK, so we've current got two frames in Ani Shop...we need the last one...

so yep, you've guessed it - Back to PSP.

Edit Copy Merged unhiding your 3rd and final Layer of Animation

and making sure the previous 2 are hidden.

Then back to A/S - Paste after Current Frame

Now you should have 3 Frames in Ani Shop.

So, Edit - Select All (Ctrl +A)

Now, It's time to set up the Animation - so....

Animation - Animation Properties* first.

click on them and then change to Opaque

and then White

Now, Frame Properties

and it will vary from each tut - but a usual fast one is 15 and slower is 30

View your Animation

Hopefully, you should be happy with the speed - but if you'd

like it slower/faster, then just go to Frame Properties and adjust up

or down according to your taste.

There you go - that's it.

The usual method for animating a tag from one of my tuts using 3 layers of animation.

Hugs xx


Some people may think it un-necessary to do the Animation Properties

Opaque, White part of this.

But I've noticed something since acquiring my new laptop with hi-res all singing

all dancing screen etc lol! 

Some of my tags were coming up with a flaw.

That boxy pale grey square that sometimes happens around

tags (have you noticed?)

I'm using this particular tag as an example - you may not be able to see it very much on

here but if you look carefully - you'll see a very faint square outline

around the tag.

It's faint - but it's there and it winds me up LOL!

So - easy way to stop that happening was to make the addition of

the above step. And it's worked.

Since using this on all my animated tags - I no longer get it.

So there you go....





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