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Tube of Choice - I'm using yet another fab one by Rion

(I bought lots in the last big CILM sale lol!)

Artwork © Pin Up Toons

If you wish to use the same tube you must purchase it from CILM

However feel free to use whatever you have


Preset Shape - Arrow 19 which I think (?) is supplied

with PSP

But, in case it's not, I've also supplied it - HERE

Put in your My PSP Files Preset Shapes Folder or a Preset Shapes

folder that you have associated with your PSP Jeans



Open a New Image 650 x 600

Add New Layer

Floodfill White


Go to Preset Shapes Tool

Find Arrow 19

Have your Material Palette on Black Foreground and Null for the Background (Empty)

Line Style Solid

Line Width 5.00


Draw out an arrow shape (see my tag for size reference)

Once happy with width, size and shape

Convert to Raster Layer


Now, click inside the arrow shape with Magic Wand

Selections, Expand by 3

Add a New Layer below the arrow shape

and floodfill the shape area on this new layer with a Gradient made

from colours in the tube (the usual Foreground Background gradient with

the darker colour as the Foreground will be fine)

Keep Selected

Open the tube, Copy

and paste as a New Layer just above the gradient layer

and below the arrow shape

Position within the arrow

Selections, Invert

and hit Delete on the tube layer

Selections None

And now, either drop the Opacity to 55

or change the Blend Mode to something that suits the colour

of your gradient (the results will vary depending on your colour shade)

OR...leave as it is lol!

I used Luminance Legacy

Hide the White Background layer


Merge Visible the rest of the layers

Unhide the Background layer



Move the arrow over to the top left of the tag canvas




Duplicate the flipped one



Duplicate this one



(This fit my tag fine, but depending on the size and shape of your own

arrow - you may need to move over and/or jiggle the arrow to make the same result? You

may not need it by ear and see how yours shapes up when you're flipping and mirroring)


Hide the White Background again


Merge Visible the Arrow layers

Unhide the White Background


Once merged, click inside the arrow shape centre

Selections, Modify, Expand by 3

Add a New layer above the White


Floodfill with the gradient (reverse the colours for this fill)

Keep Selected

Paste the tube as a new layer

Move over to the middle section on the left (see my tag for reference)

Once placed, Selections, Invert and hit Delete on the tube

Selections None




and hopefully this should be lined up on the right side of the shape

If not, jiggle to fit

Add a subtle dropshadow to each of these tube layers

I used good ol' 0, 0, 35, 7.00, Black

and if liked, change the Blend Mode to Luminance


On the floodfilled inner section -

apply - Jeans

but change both sliders to 15

and apply

Paste your Tube again

as the main tube

and place in the centre of the tag (see mine for reference)

Apply a filter to this tube if liked (the popular duplicate, blur, overlay etc)

or leave as it is

Apply a dropshadow to this tube

1, 1, 52, 14.49, Black


Now, take one of the darker colours from the tag

The dark shade you used for the gradient is fine

Place in the Foreground box

Have the background box on Null

Back to the Preset Shape - Arrow 19

Change the Line Style to Diamond

and Width 2.00


Using the top left arrow as a guideline as to the shape

Draw out another arrow

BUT make it larger than the original arrow shape

so it can be seen at the side and edges of the original shapes -

See my tag for reference

Once you've drawn out the arrow

Convert to Raster Layer

Line it up to suit the placement outside the main shape layer


Move down the Layer Palette to just above the White Background





Duplicate the flipped one



and duplicate this one



And see what we have - a nice dotted outline for the shape layer

Merge these 4 dotted arrow layers together

(Start on the top one in the Layer Palette and

just Layers, Merge Down 'til you have all 4 on one layer)


Take your lighter shade as the Background colour

and change the Foreground colour to Black

Go to Preset Shape - Rectangle

Line Style Solid

Line Width 5.00


Draw out a smallish rectangle like mine

Line it up so it's over the bottom arrowhead and fits nicely in the middle of it

See my tag for placement and size ref

Once drawn, convert to Raster

and move down/up the layer palette so it's

just below the main tube layer

Duplicate the rectangle



You may need to adjust this one - I did for my 2nd example



Take a font of choice - you can use a pixel font if liked or another favourite

Pick an appropriate size for the rectangle

and using either White or Black fill with no stroke

and type out an appropriate saying

I used "Go your Own Way" and had a heck of a job

not singing Fleetwood Mac everytime I typed it lol!


Type it out, either to fit the rectangle or if using a pixel font - as many

times as is needed for the rectangle

Once typed out, Convert to Raster

and place as mine on the top rectangle



Move down the tag canvas to fit/fill the other rectangle

Merge the two word layers together and apply an appropriate shadow to it

(Optional: Merge the two rectangle layers together - not the text though! - and

click inside each of them and apply the Jeans filter to it)

Apply the following dropshadow

3, 3, 44, 7.00, Black

to the

Original Arrow Shape Layer

Dotted Shape Layer


the small Rectangle layer/s


Finally, Add your name in a font and style of your choice


your Artist's info


Crop the tag canvas slightly

Delete the White Background

and save as a .PNG

All done - hope you enjoy this tut and

have fun playing with different finishes etc

F'rinstance, my 2nd example - I used a Constellation subtle setting

on the main shape layer and the rectangles

Plus I added a few gemstones by GxChic and a gorgeous curtain that I got from one of

Tamie's fab freebie kits :)

Anyway, have fun!

Hugs xx

This tutorial was written on 15th January 2010 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design created

this morning and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

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