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Tube of Choice - I'm using one of the Christmas gift freebies that

were sent to all MPT customers who shopped with them this year - and

yeah, I definitely did lol!!

(Thanks MPT and Keith - fab tube!)

So if you don't have it, use another Christmas themed tube of your choice


Tree Tube and Presents Tube by Rainbow Coffi

Thank you Victoria for the gorgeous tubes, and if you'd

like more of Rainbow Coffi's fantastic work go to PSP Playground

Registration required.


Background - by me


Wordart - by me


Supplies can be downloaded HERE


Toadies - What Are You?



Start with a 600 x 600 Canvas as usual

Floodfill a new Layer White so we can see what we're doing

(you can delete this layer later if liked)

Now open the RC tube - V~EyeCandyChristmasTrees

Image, Canvas Size

and change the CANVAS size of the tube to about 450 x 450


Choose which one you'd prefer to use - gold trimmed or snow trimmed

Take your Selection Tool - Freehand Selection (the Lasso Tool)

set on Point to Point

And (you may need to zoom in to see this better - I did lol!)

Go around the tree of your choice - clicking as you go

so that when you're done, the tree you want to use is surrounded

by the selection edge

Edit, Cut

and then on the original canvas

Edit, Paste as a New Layer

now Close the tube without saving changes.


On our working canvas

Move the tree you cut out over to the left middle of the canvas




Duplicate the original tube you pasted





All Layers - not ticked

Move this one (which is on the left of the canvas)

down a bit

(See my placement for better idea of what I'm getting at)

Duplicate the tube



And make sure this duplicated layer is above the other larger tube on the right


Now, you should still have the original tube on your clipboard

So just hit Paste as a New Layer again and

there's the original tube

Drop this down the Layer Palette so it's just above the White Background

and move into position like mine


On this tube


and on the bottom layer

go to


What are You?

and have the X-dose slider on 40

and on the Y-dose slider on 15


Duplicate the left larger tree

on the bottom layer

X-dose on 20

Y-dose on 15


Duplicate the right larger tree

same settings as above


On the left smaller tree

same as above


right smaller tree

same as above



Move all the Toadied layers


the main tubes to just above the white background


And now on the main tree tubes (the un-Toadied ones)

Apply a dropshadow to each tree

I used

1, 1, 50, 10, Black


Open the Rainbow Coffi

V~ThetheSeasonPresents tube

Copy the tube

Paste as a New Layer above all the others

Image, Resize - 40% Smartsize (just the present layer)

Place on the left hand size of the tag canvas

See mine for reference




Apply the same dropshadow to the presents layers


Open the Main tube and paste as a New Layer

Move to the centre of the tag

Resize if needed

Apply the same shadow as before


Open the Tag Background

Paste as a New layer just above the White Background

Resize if liked - Recolour if liked too (I did)

I also erased part of the background that showed below her feet


Open the Wordart I've provided

Place on the tag canvas - see mine for reference

Apply a more subtle dropshadow to these words

Perhaps 1, 1, 25, 5.00 Black


Choose a colour from your tag so far for the Background colour

Foreground colour on White

Choose the font you want to use

Have the Stroke on 2.00

Type out the name

Stretch, Convert to Raster

Place and dropshadow as for the majority of the tag


Apply the artist info/copyright/license info

Crop the excess tag if prefered

(Take care not to crop any Toadied layer edges etc)


Now, if liked you can apply a standard animation to this tag

Try adding the animation to the Background layer

Perhaps some sparkles via Constellation as above

or Some snow courtesy of VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes

Whatever you'd like but remember, if you do animate and there's

lots and lots of strong colours on your tag - it may optimize and save weirdly.

So, maybe, if this happens to you,

Just have it as it is :)

Anyway, if you're not animating then

Save as PNG (if you want a transparent background, delete the White

background layer then save)

That's it!

This tutorial was written on 5th December 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

Any items created by me for the purposes of this tutorial MAY NOT be used in

any other tag tutorials.

Links to tube/scrap supply sites are added either through necessity or courtesy

and it is entirely up to the individual if they choose to visit these sites.

Scraps used in my tutorials that I've obtained from PTU scrap sites are NOT supplied

in my tutorials

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