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Tube of Choice - I'm using an old favourite of mine by

Michael Calandra (I love Bloofer Lady - I even won an original signed print

of her in a comp years ago - hugs to all the Sblended girls! xx)

Anyway, I'm digressing... if you'd like to purchase any of Michael's work to

use in your tags, go to MPT for more details

or just use a tube of your own choice


Skulls - these are freebies from Corel

Go to that link above and find Halloween

You'll need to download, run the little exe.file and

place them in your PSP programs Picture Tube folder


Xenofex 2 Lightning


Mura Meister Clouds


Animation Shop - and a reasonable comfort zipping back and

forth between PSP and Ani Shop and working with Frames etc

If you're not happy working with Animation Shop, then er...well,

this probably isn't the tut for you xx



Open a New Image in PSP

575 wide x 150 high

Add New Layer

Floodfill White


Right click on the Background colour box in

your Materials Palette

And choose Black

(Keep the top box on White)


Add New Layer to the canvas


go to Mura Meister Cloud

Apply default but change the Amount to 94 or thereabouts

IF you want the background darker - drop lower


Open your chosen tube

Place within the tag canvas as liked

Crop to the size of the canvas now (this removes the excess tube)

Shadow as prefered



On the top one, Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 5.00

and then

change the Blend mode to Screen

(I know, I know, it looks weird - trust me lol!)


Add a New Layer below the tubes

and above the Cloud


go to Xenofex 2 Lightning


Now, you're looking for the Preset named "Old Horror Movie"

and Drop the Arc Thickness to about 12

Check on the Preview where the Start and End points are - these are

easily adjusted by you

You want the

flash to go behind your tube and across to the other side of the tag

Click OK to apply and see what you get

If you don't like the placement etc - just click the Undo arrow in PSP

and then go back into Xeno and have a fiddle

Add a New layer

just above this one

Back to Xeno, hit Random Seed to

get a lightning flash you like


Once applied - fab that's that bit done lol!


Now, you should have the Corel Hallowe'en set -

find the Skulls in your Picture Tube tool

Scale 55

And stamp some out at the bottom of the tag

(see mine for placement)

Now, duplicate the skulls layer

and on the bottom one - Soft Light

and on the top one -

Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 5.00

and change to Screen

Leave for now


Add a New Layer

above the others

Selections All

Selections Modify, Contract by 3

Selections Invert

Floodfill Black

Selections All

Selections Modify, Contract by 2

Selections, Invert


Floodfill with a Halloweeny colour of choice

Purple, Green, Orange, Black, Red or something from your tube


Selections None


Now, with your Top Box on Black

and your bottom box on your frame colour

Apply your name in a font of choice

Add some HSB Noise to the name if liked and

Add a good shadow to the Name - something like 2, 2, 45.00, 5.00


Now add your Artist info/Copyright etc


Apply the shadow to the frame layer


and then change the 2's to minus 2's and apply the shadow again


Ready to Animate



Hide the 2nd Lightning Layer

and the Screened Tube and Screened Skulls Layers


Edit, Copy Merged

take to Ani Shop

Paste as New Animation


Back to PSP

Unhide the 1st Lightning and Screen Tube/Skulls Layers

and on Screen tube and skulls layer - drop the Opacity to about 69

Edit, Copy Merged

Paste after Current Frame in Ani Shop


Back to PSP

Hide the first Lightning flash

and unhide the 2nd one

Hide the BOTTOM copies of the Skulls and the Tube layers

Edit, Copy Merged

Back to Ani Shop

Paste after Current Frame


Now Back to PSP

Hide the Lightning Layers

and drop the Opacity of the Screen Skull and Tube layers

to about 38

Edit, Copy Merged

Edit, Paste after Current Frame

then Finally, Hide (in PSP) the Screen Skulls and Tube layers

Edit, Copy Merged,

Back to Ani Shop

Paste After Current Frame


You should now have 5 Frames of Animation

Click on the first one

Edit, Select All


Animation, Frame Properties

and change the Display Time to 25 for all

but then

Click on Frame 4

Effects, Insert Image Transition

and find Fade and Apply on these settings -


Go Back to Frame 1

Edit, Copy

Back to Frame 10

Click on it

Edit, Paste after Current Frame


on Frame 10

and Insert the same Image Transition as above

You'll now have 16 frames of Animation

Click on Frame 16 and Delete it - it's no longer needed as

it's the same as Frame 1

So you're left with 15 frames of Animation

Now, for your Frame Properties

Frames 1 - 3 on 25

Frames 4 - 15 on 15

View, Animation

And see - the Screen effect helps light up the tubes as

it would be if a bleddy great flash of lightning occured lol!

Anyway, save your tag as a .GIF and have fun


This tutorial was written on 30th October 2009 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design created

this morning and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

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