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Image/Tube of Choice - I used a gorgeous Christmassy tube

by Jessica Dougherty who's art

is available for purchase for PSP use via CILM

If you want to use this tube, you must be licensed.


Preset Shape - Star

which should come with your PSP


Gold Gradient

I don't know who made this - if it's yours, please let me know

so I can credit or remove it xx

To save this gradient, right click the image and save to your own hard drive

and place in your Gradient folder, or use a gold gradient of your own.

Tormentia Criss Cross

Eye Candy 4000 Motion Trail



Open a New Image 550 x 550 White Background

(you can crop it later when you've finished the tag)


Choose a five pointed Star Preset Shape

Line Width 17.00

Fill None and the stroke is the Gold Gradient

Angle 45 and Repeats 4


Draw out your star (don't take it too near

the edges 'cos it will be bigger than you think lol!)

Once happy with size

Objects, Align, Centre in Canvas

Convert to Raster


Add New Layer

Swap the Gradient to the Fill box

and change the Angles and Repeat to 0

Now draw out smaller stars and place where liked

then Convert the smaller star layer to Raster

(Yep, they're all on the one layer, so place as you go

and hit Undo if you want to change the placement

OR place some on layers of their own and then Merge these

small stars together on one layer)


Now change the colour box Background to

a gorgeous shade of choice

for the green I used

# 0a5025

and for the purple I used

 # 712a6b


Add new Layer

And draw out some small stars

in the shade

Merge the small gold and coloured stars together

onto the same layer and move

this layer

just above the White Background


Now add new raster

below the big star outline

click inside the star

and Selections, Modify, Expand by 3

Floodfill with the colour shade again

Now, go to your filters

and apply Tormentia Criss Cross

on the default settings


Keep Selected

and now copy and paste your

Image/Tube of choice as a new layer above

the coloured criss cross layer

place where liked

Selections Invert

and Delete the excess

Change the blend mode on the image layer

to Soft Light or similar

Paste the tube as a new layer again, above

the others and resize and shadow as prefered.


Now duplicate the small stars layer

and on the bottom copy

apply Eye Candy 4000 Motion Trail

on the following settings


and now add a subtle dropshadow

to the other small stars layer


Now to animate

Duplicate the coloured criss cross fill layer twice to total 3

and taking your Magic wand on Add, RGB Value and Tolerance 0

as usual.

Click inside a few of the squares (which

should select beautifully lol!)

on the first coloured layer


Adjust, Brightness and Contrast

Brightness 30 - Contrast 0


Select None

Repeat this for the other two coloured layers

changing the position of the selected squares.


you can also add some subtle noise

to the gold star outline if you like


add a subtle dropshadow to the large star

and duplicate twice to total 3

I did Adjust, Add/Remove Noise

Add Noise


Monochrome Ticked

and the settings were

Layer 1 - 25

Layer 2 - 30

Layer 3 - 20

but this is optional as the squares animation is the main

focus of the tag.


Add your name in a complimentary shade of choice

in a favoured scripty font


Add any brushes or

wordart that you

might like to use

to the top left

of the tag - see mine for placement


Now any other items you may like to add

(accents, seasonal scraps if liked)


And animate your usual way

but have the Animation Properties on Opaque, White

and the Frame Properties on about 30

Save as .GIF

All done

Hope you enjoy this tut and

thanks for looking xx

This tutorial was written on 11th December 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

The supplies I share are shared in good faith.

If you see anything used within my tutorials that

you personally know for certain wasn't intended for such usage,

please contact me directly via email to

let me know.

This website is intended for educational/entertainment purposes

NOTHING (unless tutorial supplies

or a tag made personally for you) is to be removed from it.

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