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Tube of Choice - I'm using a gorgeous Christmassy one by Elias Chatzoudis

If you'd like to use the same, it must be purchased and licensed



Snowflake Brushes

There are lots of Christmassy brushes floating about this time

of year, I used some in the blue example that I can't share

but in the red version I used these HERE

If they're yours, please let me know

so I can credit you as deserved or remove them from the supplies


Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise


DSB Flux Bright Noise


Filters Unlimited 2 Paper Textures (optional)


White Forest - by Rainbow Coffi HERE

See more of Victoria's gorgeous work exclusively at PSP Playground



Melissa from Scrappy Expressions kit called HS_ScrapKit022 HERE

This is an old kit of hers from the Heartfelt Scraps days

See and Join Melissa's Yahoo Group HERE

Thanks Melissa xx



Open a New Image 550 x 550 White Background

(you can crop the edges of the canvas later)

Take your Preset Shape Tool, set it to Ellipse (Circle not Oval setting)

with a Line Width of 7.00 White

and for the fill - a colour to suit your tube

Draw out a fairly large circle

Objects, Align, Centre in Canvas

Now Convert to Raster Layer


Click on the Colour Box for Background to hide it

Draw another circle

but this time no Fill, just the White Line Outline.

Draw this above the previous circle

and make it slightly smaller

Objects, Align, Centre in Canvas

Convert to Raster Layer


Take your Magic Wand

Click inside the white no fill circle

Selections, Modify, Expand by 4

Now go back to the other larger

circle layer

and hit Delete

to get rid of the middle colour

Selections None


Now hide the White Background

and Merge Visible these

two circle layers

We now have one circle layer with white outlines

and a coloured fill?

Good oh!


On we go


Taking Magic Wand again

click inside on the colour part

Keeping this selected

go to Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise

and apply these settings

Keep Selected


add a texture to this colour part too if liked

(I used Filters Unlimited 2 - Paper Textures, Canvas Coarse on a low intensity)


Keep Selected


Add a new layer above the circle

Make sure your Foreground is still on White

and stamp out some nice Snowflake brushes

(Use my tag as a guide to see the sort of thing we're after)

Place them all around the circle in different parts

Once your happy with the brushes

Now finally -

Selections None

Hooray! lol!


So we can see what we're doing

Hide the White Background for the moment


Open the HS_ScrapKit022 and look

for the Snowflakes layer

Cut out the one on the top left

Copy and Paste as a New Layer

on our tag canvas

and move the snowflake nearer to the

top of the circle middle

Image Resize 80% Smartsize twice

(Snowflake only)

Sharpen if you'd like

and colourise it to match your tag


Duplicate the flake

Image Resize 80% once

and move this smaller snowflake over the left

(See my tag for placement)




and adjust your flakes to match my placement


Take your Pen Tool on Straight Lines (Draw Lines/Polylines)

Line Width 5.00

Foreground Colour to suit your tag

Add a New layer


the Snowflakes ones


Now draw out the lines to look

like threads holding the flakes

(you can either do it one at a time for

each one, or go for it and draw three lines

at once)

Happy with the lines?


Now merge the lines layer/s and

the snowflakes layers together so

it's all on one layer

(Hide the White Background if you haven't already

Hide the circle layer, and brushes layer

and then Merge Visible)

and make sure this snowflake lines layer

is below our Circle layer

Add a subtle dropshadow to this layer

I used 1, 1, 50, 5


Open the V~White Forest tube

Colour to compliment your tag

Paste as a New layer on our tag canvas

Image, Resize, 80% Smartsize

Place it under the circle layer and flakes layer

and move down toward the bottom

Image, Adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen


Now take your Magic Wand Layer

and click inside the white circle

Selections, Modify, Expand by 7

Selections, Invert

and back to the Forest layer

and Hit Delete

Don't Deselect just yet


Selections Invert

as we want the middle bit selected

and add a new layer

just above the White Background

but below everything else

Taking your Snowflake brushes again

(resize them if liked)

and take a colour to suit your tag

and stamp out some flakes

See my tag for reference

Try not to swamp the lines and flakes

Selections None


Now on this brush layer

apply the HSB Noise setting again


Quick layer placement check

From the bottom layer up we have

White Background

2nd Brushes Layer

Forest Layer

Flakes Layer

Circle Layer

1st Brushes Layer

Yes?  Cool!


and Now add same subtle shadow

to the

Circle Layer and Forest layer if liked


on we go...nearly done lol!


Open your Tube you've chosen to use

Copy and Paste

Resize and Place where liked

Add subtle dropshadow


Add your artists Copyright/License Info etc


Add your Name in a favourite seasonal font

(You could also add some words if liked

I added Three Cheers for Christmas

in a red colour, added the HSB Noise setting

to this, then Inner Bevelled and Gradient Glow

then a subtle shadow lol!

Did the same for the name)


That's it basically done


If you'd like to animate it

then simply duplicate

the flakes layer

to total 3 layers

On each layer

Apply DSB Flux Bright Noise

set to 25 (quite light and subtle)

On the first layer - just apply

on the 2nd - hit Mix twice and apply

(unsure about this - just hover your pointer over the word Mix and hit it twice, it'll change the placement)

and on the third layer - hit Mix three times and apply


Animate your usual way (see my How To page if unsure)

and don't forget the White Opaque setting for Animation Properties

and set the frame properties to about 15 or so.


Save as .GIF

That's it - all done

and thanks to Joanne for suggesting

I tut this lol!

hugs xx

This tutorial was written on 21st November 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

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