Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix



If you want the tag smaller then

resize the rings template before you start

and then resize the graphics etc to suit



Christmas Tube of Choice - optional

I'm using the delicious new Keith Garvey Christmas tube available from MPT HERE

You must purchase this item if you wish to use the same.


Gold Rings Template by me - HERE


Misted Background Image - fiddled with

by me lol! from an image from

Download the image HERE


Wordart/Brushes of your Choice

Font of your Choice



Open the Gold Rings Template I've provided

Click inside the five rings with your magic wand

and Selections, Modify, Expand by 4

New Raster Layer below the rings

and flood fill White

Selections None


Open the misted image I've provided

and colourize to suit your tag theme if liked


Click inside the largest gold ring

with magic wand

And selection expand as before

Copy and Paste the misted image

as a New layer below the rings

and place the part of the image

you'd like to be in the ring

Once placed, Selections, Invert

and hit Delete on the misted layer

Selections None


Now, click inside the 4 smaller rings

Selections expand as before

and now paste the misted image

again (should still be on your clipboard)

It's large enough to have a bit

in each of the 4 smaller rings

So position as liked

Selections Invert Delete

on the misted image again

Selections None


Right that's the rings and background done!


Duplicate the rings layer

move this layer down to just above the White Background

Adjust, Gaussian Blur 2.00 to

give a subtle shadow to the rings


Open any brushes or wordart that

you've chosen to use

and place it as liked

I placed mine under all the layers

to give a poking out effect lol!

Shadow if liked/needed


Open the tube you've chosen to use

Place where liked

Add a nice subtle dropshadow to it

NB. Make sure if using a tube, you use

an artist (paid or free) that allows usage with stock photography.

If you decide not to use a tube and simply

add embellishments/accents etc - then credit should

be "Image Courtesy"


Add any other accents etc you might like

to use or keep it simple if prefered


Add your name in a scripty font of choice


Add your copyright etc


Now if you're not animating - then save as .PNG

and you're done

If you are - read on...


Duplicate the main ring layer twice to total 3 layers

On the first layer, apply the Eye Candy 5 Textures, Texture Noise

on the following settings

Apply these settings to

the other two ring layers

but hit Random Seed each time before applying


Animate my usual way

(see my how to page for details if unsure)

Don't forget the Animation Properties, Opaque, White

and the Frame Properties about 35 or slower

Save as .GIF

All done xx

Thanks for looking and I hope

you have fun trying this tut

This tutorial was written on 4th December by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag I made

and any possible similarity to other tag tutorials

that might be available is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

The supplies I share are shared in good faith.

If you see anything used within my tutorials that

you personally know for certain wasn't intended for such usage,

please contact me directly via email to

let me know.

This website is intended for educational/entertainment purposes

NOTHING (unless tutorial supplies

or a tag made personally for you) is to be removed from it.

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