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Tube of Choice - I used the work of Dave Nestler

IF you wish to use the same, you'll need a license

Go to CILM HERE for more fabulous tubes.

 Preset Shape - Objects -  Diamond 1 - HERE

Mask - I believe was made by Mz Kels from 

Get mask HERE

DSB Flux - Linear Transmission

Bat Animation - by Nicky M

Go to her site and download from the Glitter Anims page

called Butterflies/Bats

UPDATE - Nicky's site has been down for some time now, so I've decided to

upload the bling to this page.  Huge thanks to Timber xx for

finding the bling in her collection as I'd lost mine lol!!

Download the bling HERE



Open a New Image 750 x 600 White Background

If you'd prefer a much smaller tag, start much smaller :)

 Open the Preset Shape - Diamond 1

Line Width 12.00

Stroke Colour of Choice to match the tube

Fill - Null

Draw out Diamond on left side

Convert to Raster and

Duplicate Image Mirror

So it looks like this -

Layers, Merge the two diamond layers together


and on the bottom layer

Apply the DSB Flux Linear Transmission

on the following settings -


On the top diamond copy, click inside with the magic

wand on the three inner diamond pieces

(The two larger bits and the small middle piece)

Selections Modify Expand by 5

New Layer - below the top diamond copy - flood fill white

New layer above this - Flood fill Black

Selections None

and add the Mask to this black layer

on the following settings -

Layers - Merge Group

Add a subtle dropshadow to the top diamond layer


Copy and paste your Tube as a New Layer

Size as liked


If you've got a very hard straight leg crop, you might like

to use your eraser tool on a soft opacity setting to

erase the harsh edges

Add your name in a colour to match your tag so far


Add your copyright, license info etc.

Crop the canvas now

(If you resize, the DSB flux effect will get ruined, so crop only.

If the tag is too big for your liking, then try and start on a much smaller canvas)


Right, the tag is ready for animation.


Hide the copyright, name and tube layer


Edit, Copy Merged and Paste as a New Animation in A/S


Open the Bat Animation in A/S
It's 41 frames.

So, click on your pasted tag and duplicate the frames to equal 41

back to Frame 1, Edit Select All

On bat Animation, Frame 1, click Edit Select All on there too

Click the Propagate Paste icon in A/S

and then drag the first frame of the bat

to the first frame of your tag

(don't let go lol!)

Place it to the bottom right of the diamonds

now you can let go

And now the bat animation should be in all frames of the tag :)

Click on the First Frame

Edit, Select All

Animation, Animation Properties, White, Opaque

Now, back to PSP

unhide Tube, Name and Copyright

Hide the rest of the tag

Edit, Copy Merged

Back to A/S
Paste as New Animation

and again drag this into the first frame of the tag

(Making sure that ALL the frames are still selected)

That's it

View, Animation

Save as .GIF


Fairly simple, but I hope you enjoy the results.

You can add more scraps etc if you'd prefer, but

with tubes as fab as this, I'd rather let the art speak for itself :)

Hugs xx

This tutorial was written on 23rd August 2007 by Vix

It is a tutorial of my own design based on a tag of my invention.

Any possible similarities to other tag tutorials is wholly unintentional and

completely coincidental.

Tutorial similarities may be perceived if similar effects and tubes are used -

but no plagiarism is intended (intentional or otherwise)

My tutorials are not to be used to help create tags for personal ayment or any kind

of commercial profit

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