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A fairly simple tutorial for Christmas

which I threw together for frequent visitors to my site :)

This tut is for people used to my tut style, as I've not always

gone into great detail as not only is time a factor at the moment lol - but

I'm working on the assumption you're a bit proficient in some of the techniques and

have made quite a few of my tuts. One for the seasoned tagger, this tut.

Have a fantastic festive season xx



Tubes of your Choice - you'll want about 3 or 4 tubes

I'm using Suzanne Woolcott for my main example - if you'd like

to use the same, you can purchase Suzanne's work HERE


Rainbow Coffi Tubes

Some of the best Christmas tubes around!!

You may already have them, they're called

White Forest Sky and the Holly Flowers

Anyway, you can get them HERE

These tubes should work for you, they may not though depending on what version of PSP you use. (I use PSP X)

If you have any problems opening these, don't email me please.

Get them instead from PSP Playground and

same applies if you'd like more of Rainbow Coffi's work you'll need to register

at PSP Playground

but it's very worth it xx


VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes


Penta Dot and Cross


Mura Meister Copies (optional)



Open a New Image 400 x 275

Now flood fill with a colour or gradient of your choice

Open the White Forest tube

Resize by 80% Smartsize

Copy and Paste as a New Layer on the tag canvas

Place as mine

Don't dropshadow - it's the background, it doesn't really need it

You might like to colourize it to suit your tag shades too



Open the main tubes you're using

Copy and Paste the first one

move it BELOW the forest layer

Place to the left

Add a dropshadow to the 1st tube

Something quite deep - try 1, 1, 50, 11 Black

then crop the canvas to it's current size for each tube you apply - do this for the forest layer too.

Open the next tube

Copy and Paste

Place in the middle - under the forest layer as before

repeat this for the 3rd tube

You can change the Blend Modes for some of the tube layers if liked - try Soft Light or Overlay

I made the middle tube layer Normal and placed it above the other 2 tubes

Then made the left tube Overlay and the right tube Soft Light


On a new Layer ABOVE the forest layer

VDL Adrenaline SnowFlakes

Apply as mine below OR use a favourite setting of your own

Now add another new layer above the previous snow layer

and apply Snowflakes again but move the Random Seed slider

to somewhere in the 5000's

and then

add another new layer

and change the Random Seed back down to somewhere in the 2000's


Add another New Layer

Selections, Select All

Selections, Modify, Contract by 3

Selections, Invert

and floodfill this new layer with Black

You'll see it's only around the edges - good!

Selections, All (again)

and then Selections, Modify, Contract by 2

Selections, Invert

and this time, floodfill with a complimentary colour or gradient

I went for Gold

Selections NONE


Image, Canvas Size

and UP the pixels to 500 and 375

See my screenshot

You can see why we needed to crop off the tubes now, or they'd be overhanging

Now then, whiz back down to the bottom of the Layer Palette and activate the bottom layer

and add a new Layer to the bottom of the Layer Palette

Floodfill once more with colour or gradient of choice

Now, you can either add some brushes if you like on a new layer just above what you floodfilled

I added some snowflake brushes in white

and then applied Mura Meister Copies on the default settings but clicked Fade Out

Once you'd applied your brushes

Merge the brush layer to the large floodfilled layer

and then apply

Penta Dot and Cross - and changed the top slider to 20

so it's nice and subtle


Back up to the top layer of the tag which should be our border layer that

we made earlier

And apply a dropshadow to it

Use 1, 1, 50, 11.00 Black

and now add a new layer above this one

and apply a new border layer - just like before

Selections, Contracts, Inverts, floodfills etc

But don't dropshadow the large outer border - the drop is only for the middle one.


Now you can either add a new tube by the same artist you used

or use one of the ones used for the background

I went for one I'd already used

Resize it quite small - I went 50% down, shadowed

and place where liked

Add some small additional tubes if you like (accents etc) but don't go too mad :)

I used some more Rainbow Coffi tubes, the holly and the holly and flowers

are both available for download at PSP Playground.

Now add some wordart if liked

and apply your name in the font and style of your choice

I used my Gold gradient for the fill, Black stroke 1.00 and a fairly small but bold dropshadow


Add your copyright info too


Animate the usual way for a 3 layered tag

and have your Frame Properties on 22 or faster

save as .GIF

and there you go!

Merry Christmas Everyone xx

This tutorial was written on 23rd December 2008 by Vix

It is a tutorial based on a tag of my own design and

any potential similarities to other tag tutorials that

may be available is wholly unintended and completely coincidental.

Any items supplied to use to create your own tag with this tutorial are supplied

in good faith - if I have used something not intended

for usage in this way, please contact me via email.

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any other tag tutorials.

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