Paint Shop Pro Signature Tag Tutorials by Vix

Please note: does not permit active links to adult sites, so where an artist is listed below

but has no URL next to them, their site is considered "adult"

If you wish to visit their sites, you must chose whether to look them up on your search engines.

I have written permission from Barbara Jensen 

not to link to her site (Thanks Barb xx)



(ie. I've contacted them via email and received replies over the last 12 years - all emails/notes are on file)

Nene Thomas -

Lady Littlefox - (Now a General Permission)

Greg Hildebrandt 

Denise Garner -

Anna Ignatieva -

Ben Tan

Steve Argyle - www.steveargyle

Les Toil

Thierry Beaudenon

Janice Darr Cua -

Carla Chaves -

Carl Gookins

Rob Carlos -

Brian Gubicza -

Gail Gastfield -

Damion Morton -

Cebarre -

Octavio Arizala

Sue Halstenberg -

Jose Del Nido

James Courtney

Hubert De Lartigue

K. Douglas Macrae

Corey Wolfe -

Paula Vaughan -

John Lund -

Celine Avgen -

Anna Hollmann -

Alan Daniels

Jonathon Earl Bowser (Now PTU)

Mike S Mall

Don Monroe

Ditz  -

Cliff Bonamie -

Kristoffer Remmell

Popeye Wong

Glitterz Lingerie

Deanne Mazur

Roberto Mangosi -

Ismael Alvarez

Jason Levesque -

Electronic Rainbow -

Hallan Moulin aka Chip Legal -

Taylor Harmon aka Shifting Waterz -

Mike Dowdall (Coots and Biddys)

9MM -

Josh Howard -

Rolando Cyril aka Aqua Sixio -

Jason Chan

Eric Osgood aka Oz

Jorge Packer -

Natalie Walsh -

Bez Boardman -

Donia -

Gamze Guckiran aka Lryiu -

*Graphic Garden -

Annelise Stehwien HERE

Mashi - (Now PTU)

Mahmood Al Khaja -

Dark Becky Stock -

Sakurasai -

Della Stock - 

Yvonne Gilbert -

Jena Dellagrottaglia Maldonado -

Sugargrl14 -

Titusboy25 -

Asli Yeniay aka Wiksa -

2020 - New personal permission received from

Helena Nikulina -

and many many more....

Please note: these permissions are my own and do not extend to you - the users of my tutorial site - 

unless the artist is an online permission artist or you/your group also have the artist's permission.

NOR are all of my personal permission listed here - there's loads and I'd be here forever lol!


* Graphic Garden has TOU's which stipulate that with the

purchase ware that you buy/freebies that you download

you may make personal sig tags only, with the exception

of people who are on Helena's (the creators) database

I am on her database, which enables me to make sig tags for

others with the freebies and purchase ware from there.

Note:  Have checked the site in March 2016 and can see no mention of this exception or the database, 

so until I contact Helena to clarify, any GG tags that I make are personal tags only


More to be Added as and when required

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